About Us

About James Doran Company

Six generations later, the Doran family is still carrying on that legacy. Continuing to recognize growth opportunities and the value of diversification, James Doran Company expanded into real estate under the leadership of Robert J Doran, Jr. 

The James Doran Company has gained recognition for innovative real estate development that brings together attractive aesthetics and community demand. JDC has created over 2.5 million square feet of “New Urban Villages” of mixed use office and retail development as well as almost 6,000 apartment units. The business has seen great success as it continues to expand into new markets.

In 2009, James Doran Company took advantage of funding opportunities to address the need for affordable housing in the Southeast. Recognizing a lack of accessible housing for low-income families and seniors, James Doran Company has continued to grow the affordable housing sector. Creating beautiful, high-quality housing in neighborhoods that offer a high-quality of life for our residents has become inherent in James Doran Company’s mission to better serve our communities by creating resources for those in need. 

Today, James Doran Company is a leader in the development, acquisition and innovation of affordable and workforce housing in the Southeast.

The Team

JDC’s able, experienced staff is currently led by James’ great – grandson, Robert J. Doran, Jr. Robert is a 45–year veteran of every type of real estate investment and of development. Under his leadership, JDC has developed more than 3 million square feet of retail, office and mixed-use space and more than 4000 apartment units.

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Chuck Reynolds
Chief Financial Officer

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Stephanie Ford
Human Resources Manager


Rosie Doran
Director of Acquisitions

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Patrick Doran
Director of Finance


Kirk Williams
Director of Property Reporting


Mackenzie Morton
Senior Accountant

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Abbey Durland
Accounts Payable Clerk


Courtney Knebel
Office Manager

JDC Management, LLC

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Sedra Charap
Director of Property Management

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Mark Turmon
Director of Maintenance


Cyndi Morris
Regional Property Manager

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Cecilia (CC) Bellegante
Regional Property Manager

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Vanessa Hendren
Regional Compliance Manager


Candice Bell
Regional Compliance Manager

Quantum Builders, LLC

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Jimmy Sweet
VP of Construction

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Mike Merfert
Director of Rehabilitation